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Kinky fairy tales, erotic comics and parodies from the JKR website

The pictures below are samples from the JKR comics website where you can find original adult comics and sex parodies. My favourites so far are the Kim Pregnable erotic parody and the kinky version of Little Red Riding Hood and Mindy the space hooker. According to the latest newsletter they have released over 65 parody comics. O-Girl is a blonde super-powered bomshell who is saved by comics store owner Barry, Final Fuckasy is an erotic Final Fantasy parody and in Money Maker 6 Tiffany the prom queen is promised some cash to fuck the local school nerd. Archee is an obvious parody of the famous Archie comics in which the two girls are called Betsy and Veronique and of course Archee does them both. In Gene 69 Kaitlyn Farechild is a big boobed super babe who is up to all sorts of things.

jkrcomix - erotic cartoons and comics

The kinky tale of little red riding wolf and the big bad wolf


kinky fairy tale

Page 1

erotic fairy tale comics

Page 3

little red riding hood sex comics

The Kim Pregnable erotic parody

kim pregnable erotic parody

Sex in space with Mindy

sex space comics featuring mindy

Quickies - erotic short stories

Money Maker - Cover

money maker erotic short story cover

Money Maker - Page 4

money maker erotic short story page 4

Anime Parodies

Bitch chaser

bitch chaser anime parody

Unknown Parody

anime parody

Greatos god of whores

greatos erotic comics

If you enjoyed this preview and want more original adult comix, visit the JKR Comix website