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Kthanid the artist


Hello I'm Kthanid

My Drawings

I draw for the sheer enjoyment of drawing. Most of the pics I do during the slow times at work between 2:00 and 4:00 A.M. (Graveyard shift is my life) I started doing Toon Parodies after coming across the A.B.P.E.C. newsgroup and finding out how much fun they were. My first pics were crude and done in colored pencil. Some Helpful advice from some of the other denizins of the newsgroup guided me to doing up my pics on the computer (and reducing the size of the files). This and a lot of practice has improved my pic's quality substantially. I currently use paintshop pro v.5 for my pics (though not to its fullest potential, I'm sure) I generally draw and ink a pic at work, then scan and color it on my computer at home. I try to limit my pics to 16 colors to keep the file sizes low and keep the pics simple. As for subject matter, I tend to do a lot of parody. I like cartoons and the occasional 'rude thoughts' have grown into quite a collection of Erotic Parody artwork. I also do Furry, Horror, Fantasy and other pics. It all really depends on my mood at the time as to what I end up drawing.

My Signature

The letters next to the paw print are 'RP'. I like to keep their significance a mystery. The paw print is actually based on a nick-name I had in High-School...The beast (Note: Little 'b', not capital 'B'). I'm happy going as Kthanid