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Privacy Policy for smuttytoons.com

Why a Privacy Policy?

As I collect, analyse and reuse visitors data I feel it is necessary to outline exactely what data I am collecting and what I am using it for. This is the purpose of this document. If you have any concerns about privacy issues, please read it and email me your comments and suggestions. This privacy policy will be updated from time to time as my site evolves. It was established in May 2000 and last updated in October 2016

What data am I currently collecting

What data I previously collected

The additional data I previously collected is still in my databases and I may use it as outlined in this policy.

How is the data being used

Who else is data being disclosed to

Absolutely nobody! your data is only used in conjunction with smuttytoons.com and is not passed on to any third party. The only exceptions would be a security breach or an attack on my web server. In these cases I would pass all the relevant information to the internet service provider of the offender. In severe cases I would also inform a relevant government authority such as a police agency. Obviously anything you enter in my blog is publicly viewable and your input into surveys will be part of the data used for the report.

How can you opt out on your data being collected

You cannot opt out on any info that is collected in the server logs as this is essential for tracking system problems and attacks on the server. Nevertheless, you can post a blog entry or comment without entering an email address.

Children's data

As stated in my terms and conditions children are not supposed to enter this site as it is intended only for persons who are legally entitled to view adult material. If you find that your children have been accessing my site and leaving information in my blog or comments section, please email me so I can remove their details from my records.

Links to other sites

There are many links to other sites on my website and I am not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these sites.


I use cookies in "the latest stuff" section where I track how many pictures a visitor has viewed previously. These cookies are session cookies only and expire once the vistor closes the browser and the only information those cookies contain is the number of previous pictures viewed. I now also use cookies in the blog and survey sections. These cookies last 2 months and store only whether you have taken a survey or rated an entry in the blog. This is purely to avoid manipulation and skewing of the ratings and surveys through multiple entries by the same person.