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Lavender Bay Dreamer is a script for an erotic movie by Shields Templar

Lovely Lavender Bay

Lavender Bay Dreamer is a copyrighted script for an erotic movie by Shields Templar. The story is set in the fictional Hellfire Club on Lavender Bay in the beautiful Sydney Harbour. Shields is looking to make his script into a movie and a graphic novel. He has a very impressive resume (Australia Today Feature, Media Match Profile and Acting Resume) and personally I am especially excited that he has written scripts for one of my favourite childhood TV series, Magnum PI. If you are interested in collaborating with Shields please contact him on the email address below.

The Script and Story

As the original script was written with the professional writers software Final Draft which not everyone has a reader for I have converted it to six web pages. For those who do not like reading scripts Shields has provided a novel version which is called "Dear Rosie"

New rtf format of the original script

The script as six web pages

The Novel

The Redux Story

Author's Message

I'm looking for an open-minded creative artist/cartoonist to help me illustrate a film script I wrote,which I'd like to turn into an ADULT Graphic Novel" type of comic book., along the lines of EricVon Goth's TWENTY". Maybe you've hit a "slump" in your creative process, and need something to tide you through ,and help keep the creative juices flowing? Have you toyed with the idea of doing something erotic-but didn't have the material?This could be just that source.BE ADVISED-THIS IS EXTREMELY EROTIC, HARD-CORE GRAPHIC ,XXXX ADULT MATERIAL.!!! IF THIS OFFENDS, DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO ANSWER. This is A COLLABORATIVE EFFORT-NO PAY,AT THE MOMENT- BUT WE WILL SHARE PROFITS AFTER SALE.-50-50% I have agreement form we will both sign and witness, to ensure above-board outcome.I know I'm asking a lot-your work is worthy-so is mine.I'm trying to make money-and willing to split 50-50% if we work together to a mutual end and benefit.You need a story to showcase your talents-I need an illustrator to showcase mine. Plenty of sources out there to sell it to,-BUT they have to be completed with story and artwork!GRAPHIC NOVELS ARE THE NEW WAY TO SELL STORIES TO HOLLYWOOD!! Let's get together to produce a great piece of erotica that people will be talking about!

Author's Notes

The (S)exploits and characterizations depicted here-in are the deviant mechanizations of the author's wicked little brain and bear no resemblance or relation to any living persons-past or present- OR DO THEY????

While this story is purely a work of fiction, it is based on some facts

The Characters

Character Breakdown/Physical descriptions.

Some Sketches

Fly over Sydney Harbour - opening scene
Opening scene - Fly over Sydney Harbour
Lead character
Lead character
Sharon a character
Sharon a character
Photo observation
Photo observation
A party
Sharon pissing
Sharon pissing