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Results of the erotic cartoon story and fan fiction survey [2011-07-06 00:07:01]

I finally can present the results of this survey. As expected most of the respondents, 86%, were for an erotic cartoon story and fan fiction section on this website. Only 7.6% did not care and nobody did not want to have a story section on this website. 6.5% even had a story that they wanted to submit for publication.

Of course the subject of this survey was such that it was more likely for people who were interested in erotic cartoon stories and fan fiction to take the survey but the results nevertheless make it clear. There is a definitive interest in written cartoon sex and as soon as I have some spare time I will add page to my website.

In the meantime, if you have a story that you want to publish, send me an email so I can link it to one of my existing pages.

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