Miscellaneous antique erotic drawings

On this page you can find various antique erotic drawings and illustrations. I don't know where any of these illustrations came from or what exactly their theme is. If you know anything about these antique erotic illustrations and drawings please send me an email

Great, thanks to Nick and Michael we now know a bit more about some of the art works below. I have done some googling based on their comments and added the results to the relevant sections.

Erotic Aquarelles by Suzanne Ballivet (1904 1985) [Michael]

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Femdon by Bernard Montorgueil [Nick]

Bernard Montorgueil was the pseudonym of a French BDSM and spanking artist and author of short stories whose works were originally written and published in the 1920s and 1930s (though not much is known about these original versions). Most of his work has female domination themes. His work was reprinted in limited editions in the early 1970s by Editions Bel-Rose in the Netherlands and in France (Edition Belrose) [2].

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Collection Les Sataniques by G. Javier [Nick]

Nick must be referring to the contemporary Urugayan artist Javier Gil who in the late 90s did illustrations for the litary work of Paul Verlaine and the book of the Marquis de Sade [3].

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Vintage erotic art from the now defunct eroticpast website

23 = The Priapus, frescos from Pompeia, Italy [Nick]. Priapus is the Roman version of the Greek god of garden and male fertility Priapos. This would make this picture ancient rather than vintage

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Martin van Maele - La Grande Danse Macabre des Vifs [Nick]

Martin van Maele is a pseudonym for Maurice François Alfred Martin (October 12, 1863- September 5, 1926). He was a French illustrator for early 20th century literature who is renowned for his work in the field of erotic literature. During his career he worked on illustrations for Paul Verlaine's poems, H.G. Wells' The First Men in the Moon, Anatole France's Thais and Felix Juven's French translations of the Sherlock Holmes series. [4]

Among collectors his 'Grande danse macabre des vifs' is best known. This 'Big danse macabre of the living', around 1905, consists of four series, each containing ten prints. It's almost sure that the edition was less than a 100 copies. The prints are both humoristic and satirical, somtimes cynical. [5]

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Vintage Colour Sketches

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