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JAB's My Hot Ass Neighbor Comics

Jab's My Hot Ass Neighbor Comics are about the sexual dreams and adventures of Wong Ho and Sharona Lapel who live across the road from each other. Wong is a good student and he is tutoring his hot ass neighbor Sharona. He is always horny and cannot stop fantasizing about her and gets in all sort of embarassing situations. He does not stop at thinking about having sex with Sharona. He even involves her mum in his wild fantasies.

JAB my hot ass neighbor comics

I am very happy to be able to present you samples from all six episodes and can only recommend the complete comics on the Verisign secured jabcomix website. The latest issue is My Hot Ass Neighbour 9 and it is called The Evening Continues.

My Hot Ass Neighbor 9 - The evening continues

As the party in the pool comes to an end everyone enjoys a drink and some naughty fun. In the meantime Trisha takes advantage of a tempting situation

My Hot Ass Neighbor 8 - Pool Party Part 2

While the party continues Sharona and Wei compete for sexual attention which they promptly get from Angus and Wong. There is some action in the house too and everyone is having lots of dripping wet fun.

My Hot Ass Neighbor 7 - Pool Party Part 1

The pool party starts with skimpy outfits and Wong gets into trouble with Ash.

My Hot Ass Neighbor 6 - Cumming Together

This is the latest and unfortunately not so recent episode of this great JAB comics and as mentioned earlier this one has got a dual story line. There is some hanky panky between Sharona and Angus and some more hanky panky between Wong and Wei. You can find some free samples and the complete comics on the jabcomix website.

My Hot Ass Neighbor 5 - Taking A Peek

Sharona is happy that because of Wong's tutoring she has passed her maths test. After walking home together she takes Wong to her room. He then secretly watches her in the bathroom and when she gets back his fantasies become reality. This is only the beginning of this fantastic comics. Find some free samples and more on the jabcomix website.

My Hot Ass Neighbor 4 - Getting Ready

In this episode both Sharona and Wong have a sexy start to their days. Wong gets a family history lesson in the bathroom by his mum and Sharona does some daughter-father bonding in the shower. This episode shows that dispite being from very different cultural backgrounds the Lapel and Ho families are very similar. Check out some free samples of this comics.

My Hot Ass Neighbor 3 - Webcam

At home at the dinner table Wong fantasizes once more about his hot ass neighbor Sharona and gets reminded by his father to continue his tutoring. Later in Sharona's room Wong continues the tutoring as well as the fantasizing. For free samples of his wild imagination check out the jabcomix website.

My Hot Ass Neighbor 2 - Tutoring

Wong helps Sharona study for a mathematics exam and meets her parents. While he is tutoring Sharona he lets his imagination run wild picturing Sharona naked and fantasizing about all the naughty things he would like to do to her. This leads to a huge erection and a very embarrassing situation. For some free samples of this exciting comics check out the jabcomix website.

My Hot Ass Neighbor 1 - The Girl Next Door

This is the first comics in the series. Wong tries out his new flying cam by spying on his beautiful neighbour Sharona. He watches every move of her naked and voluptuous body as she is having a shower. Wong gets more and more excited as he keeps watching the sexy Sharona. For some free samples of Wong's excitemet go to the jabcomix website.