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Omega Girl by JAB

Omega Girl is JAB's first superhero comics. Alexis is Omega Girl, a sexy super heroine who has not mastered her super powers yet. As you can imagine this leads to all sorts of turbulent and funny situations. Of course it would not be a JAB comics if it did not have tons of sex in it.

Alexis JAB's Omega Girl

Unfortunately, I cannot show you any Omega Girl pictures on my site but the jabcomix website is providing a free sample page to each of the four comics which I have pasted a link to below.

Omega Girl 6

Omega 6 is the latest issue and it is almost finished and ready for release

Omega Girl 5

In this episode Alexis keeps battling evil and working on mastering her enigmatic super powers.

Omega Girl 4

This comics is full of intrigue and backstabbing. Alexis gets sent on an assassination mission while her boyfriend visits her best friend. For more details about this comics check out the free sample page.

Omega Girl 3

In this episode JAB delves into the relationship between Alexis and her boss who has a very special job in mind for her. This issue also introduces a sexy new couple who is very much into rough sex. This is all I can tell you about this comics. You can find some free samples and the complete comics on the jabcomix website.

Omega Girl 2

Alexis ends up in the woods where she meets a big breasted spirit who seduces and pleasures her while pretending to help her control her super powers. Check out some free samples of this comics.

Omega Girl 1

Alexis' super powers cause problems with her boyfriend but they help her chase away some perverts when she is alone in the city. For free samples of the first Omega Girl comics check out the jabcomix website.