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What smuttytoons.com is all about


Originally, I think it was late 1997, I started this website because I wanted to teach myself how to run a website. The first site run on my home PC, a 486 at the time, via dial-up and static ip-address and the subject was not cartoons but Linux and the technical details of how to run the site. After a while this became dry and boring and I needed to find a subject that was more fun. As at the time all these naughty Simpsons pictures were circulating at my work I decided to change the subject to erotic cartoons. That laid the foundation for smuttytoons. If you want to know more about the history of my site have a look at my old messages of the day.

Today's Reasons

Today I am still learning new things about running a website but I also enjoy providing some free and unclean fun to my visitors. I get regular postings from several artists and emails with pictures from fellow cartoon lovers who enjoy what they see on my site and would like to share some of the pictures from their own collections. In the meantime I have accumulated over 15'000 erotic cartoons and comics and nearly 2000 adult jokes which can be enjoyed absolutely for free.

Commercial Interest

I wish I had no commercial interest but as it is, even though all my work is free, it costs money to run a website. There is the webhosting, domain registration, internet access and even some hardware costs that I have to bear myself. All together it costs around US$1000 per year to run this site. That's why I am advertising the JAB pay site and have the unlimited session limit section. This way, I can recover at least part of my costs.

What I want from my visitors