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Erotic Cartoonists Wanted

Display your erotic art

If you want to post your own erotic art on a website you have come to the right place. I am looking for erotic cartoonists to post their comics and cartoons. Andy's stolen Carton Collection gets up to 1000 unique visitors per day which should make it possible for you to show case your pictures to around 100000 people in a year.

How it works

All you need to do is email me your erotic cartoons and I will put them in a separate section on smuttytoons. This can be once off or on a regular basis. If you plan to post regularly I will setup a semi-automatic updating process that runs once a day. In that case your pages will look like Mouseboy's. If you already have a page setup and just want to post it on a website you can do that as well. If you wish you can also have a page in my artist section where you can describe what drives you to draw and how you do it. If you like you can choose to remain anonymous or post an email address.


Your art work must be original. You must have created your erotic cartoons from scratch. I don't accept pictures that were created by other artists and which you have only changed or added to. I also don't accept pictures with Fox or Warner characters as I cannot show them any more. However, parodies of any other existing characters are more than welcome.


Neither do you have to pay for the hosting nor can I pay you for the pictures. However, by posting on this website you will gain a lot of exposure and I will be able to increase my variety and update more often which in turn should lead to even more exposure of your erotic cartoons. All in all, a win/win situation. Send me an email to get started or find out more.