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Banned Fox and Warner Cartoons

What happened in late 1998

The copyrights for the Simpsons cartoons are owned by Twentieth Century Fox and the copyrights for the Jetsons and Flintstones cartoons are owned by Warner. Those two companies had hired a bunch of lawyers to remove all unauthorised and as they put it, blatantly pornographic, material relating to those cartoon characters from the internet. They had contacted me and demanded that I remove all Simpsons, Jetsons, Flintstones and other Warner material from my site. They also had contacted my internet and hosting providers who in turn closed or threatened to close my accounts and I had no choice but to remove all those great pictures.

The real legal situation

Thanks to some of my fellow cartoon fans I have meanwhile learnt that what I was doing was not illegal and that I was misled by those lawyers. In a lawsuit involving Disney the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that such images, however revolting, were covered by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution which guarantees free speech. Specifically, this kind of artwork is considered parody and thus there are no grounds for violation of copyright. The only copyright would be for the artist that produced the parody material. What I was doing really falls under section 107 of the 1976 Copyright Act under terms of "fair use."

Why I am still not bringing back those pictures

Unfortunately, I am not the only party involved. There are also my internet and web hosting providers who are not prepared to risk anything for the little money they are making from my website. If I stood up to those lawyers, they would just pressure my providers who then, like they did before, would shut me down and my site would disappear entirely.

A lot of time has passed

All this happened a long time ago and I am not really sure if it is still relevant and those lawyers are still on the case. I should do some research and find out, but I do not have the time at the moment. If you know anything, please let me know .

The good news

Of course, those naughty Simpsons, Jetsons and Flintstones cartoons are still somewhere on the internet and if you really want to see them, let me know and I will tell you where to find them.