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I am very happy to present you two jab ay papi cartoons and of sample pages for issues 13, 14 and 15 for free. If you don't know, "Ay papi" is Spanish for "Oh daddy". It is an expression of surprise or pain. These cartoons are funny descriptions of the imaginary sexual adventures of daughter Julia and her daddy Richard. They are completely fictional and have nothing to do with real life.

JAB Ay Papi sex comics

The two complete comics I can show are early black and white issues. Please visit the Verisign secured jabcomix website for the latest ay papi 18.

Ay papi 1

Ay papi 2

Ay papi 13

This episode starts at Richard's office where the ever so sexy Kim Kumings is seemingly agitated. Richard of course is completely oblivious to this because when he is confronted by Kim's oozing sex-appeal and curvatious body he only can think about one thing. Meanwhile at the school Natalie and Julia have anything else but school work on their minds and they disappear to ... If you want to find out more about this thrilling episode, check out the free sample page courtesy of the jabcomix website.

Ay papi 14

Ay Papi 14 is appropriately called, Stress Reliever and it plays at the Kitty Kitty strip club where Richard relaxes after a hard day at the office. The beautiful Daisy and the other girls drive Richard wild and things get a bit out of hand. To get a glimpse of all that sexy crazyness at the strip club check out the free sample page.

Ay papi 15

Ay Papi 15 has got it all, girls, older women and hell lot of sexual tension. In this episode Coach is up to no good and we meet the Harvey's juicy neighbor, Lucy. View some samples of all those shaningans on the latest sample page.

Ay papi 16

There are no more sample pages from issue 16 onwards. In Ay Papi 16, meet the boys, Richard has some fun with a punk girl in a porn mansion and Julia visits Andy and Jake in their tree house.

Ay papi 17

Ay Papi 17 is called A blast from the past. This issue takes you back in time to when Richard and Claire were Julia's age.

Ay papi 18

Ay Papi 18 is the latest issue and it is so new I don't even have a title for it yet. In this issue Julia brings home some boys from school for a bit of fun in the family pool where Claire joins them.

I hope you enjoyed these jab ay papi toons as much as I did. For more free, unclean fun please follow the links on my sitemap below.