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Erotic Cartoon and Fan Fiction Stories Wanted

Post your erotic cartoon story on this website

Since my survey has shown that you guys want to see erotic cartoon and fan fiction stories on this website I have setup this page. Here you can find out how to post and read the stories that have already been posted. At a later stage I might add a comment section so you can let others know what you think about the stories.

How it works

If you email me your story I will turn it into a web page and put a link to it on this page. If you have posted your erotic cartoon story on an other site already I can just link to it here. If you want to get messages from your readers, let me know and I also post your email address.


There are no formal requirements but of course you have to apply some common sense. The story should relate to the subject of this website and it must have a reasonable length. Ideally I would like them to be submitted in valid HTML format but I accept nearly any format.

The stories so far

KthanidSerenas Adventures in Rutwell Forest kthanid@aol.com
KthanidRelationships in Rutwell Forest kthanid@aol.com
KthanidRutwell Forest - The Family kthanid@aol.com
MouseWriterA little nighttime lovinN/A
MouseWriterHomecoming LovinN/A
MouseWriterPassion BeachN/A
MouseWriterFirst TimeN/A
Shields TemplarLavender Bay Dreamer - A Script for an Erotic Movie shieldstemplar@comcast.net